To prevent unexpected problems, Orlando green card applicants seeking to get their permanent residency in the United States, need to make sure all the paperwork is done correctly the first time. It is not always easy to understand and complete all the paperwork for a visa, green card, work permit or other immigration petition/application.

Avoid These Common Green Card Application Mistakes

Not Properly Filing The Application For A Green Card

If your green card application is not filed at the appropriate place and time, or without all the required forms included, the application may be significantly delayed, rejected, or denied all together. Every year, millions of applications for green cards submitted to USCIS. A significant number of those applications are returned due to improper filing. If your application is sent back due to improper filling, you will have to start the process over and resubmit a correctly completed application to the correct filing location.

Application Mistakes

Mistakes or errors on your green card application means the processing can be delayed or denied. An error may be seen as fraudulent or misleading information. Even an innocent error, can raise suspicion of fraud or misrepresentation. This setback can lead to serious consequences, heightened evaluation of your case and a very long immigration process. Errors that are determined to be fraud or misrepresentation may result in you needing a waiver to obtain a green card or a denial of your case. Fraud or misrepresentation can also lead to deportation proceedings.

Missing a Deadline

Failing to file an application by the required deadline can result in your application being rejected due to untimeliness. In some cases, a missed deadline can be explained and overcome and in other cases it may permanently bar you from the relief or benefit you may be seeking. If you suspect you will untimely file an application, seek the assistance of an experienced immigration attorney.

Getting Professional Help

Immigration law is complex and the process can be extremely complicated. Proper handling of an immigration case goes beyond just filling out the proper forms. Immigration laws and procedures are constantly changing and the adjudication process has become stricter, making it more frustrating for those who are trying to gain access to lawful status in the United States. To minimize the confusion and cut through all the red tape, you need an experienced immigration attorney. At HAWM Law we will evaluate your immigration case and help navigate you through the immigration process from start to finish.

If you’re unsure about communicating in English, don’t worry, HAWM Law provides language interpretation for our Spanish, French/Creole and Portuguese clients, along with a free consultation.