Divorce matters are often emotional, stressful and usually more difficult when children are involved. Are you and your spouse or partner contemplating separation or divorce? Unsure where to turn? Are you concerned about child custody? Thanks to Florida’s legalization of same-sex marriage, resolving disputes for child custody for same-sex couples has become easier.

shutterstock_314087108Every married couple in Florida whether same-sex or heterosexual, now has the right to seek a divorce. This in turn means same-sex couples have the same rights under the laws dealing with child-custody and alimony. However, same-sex divorce and rulings for custody of children are new to the Florida court system. This is why same-sex couples seeking a divorce are likely to encounter complications and obstacles. An experienced family law attorney can help protect your rights.

According to a recent article in Huffington Posts, same sex couples with children who are facing divorce should know the facts.

Knowledge is a powerful tool and knowing what to do and where to go is critical when one is faced with a life-changing event such as a separation and/or divorce; and for same-sex couples with children, the combination of state-by-state and federal laws pertaining to their relationships can add complexity.

Choose an experienced attorney who you trust. While lawyers are sometimes considered luxuries, when it comes to the complexities of same-sex families, it is important to consult with a lawyer who concentrates in the area of family law and has an understanding as to the same-sex laws in your state. Your lawyer can give you a strong education about the law in your state and how the laws apply to your particular circumstances. You may not need to hire the lawyer beyond the consultation but make sure that you get a foundation of information so that you can make informed decisions for you and your children.

The experienced attorney’s at HAWM Law can help explain your rights, options, and¬†protect the best interest of your child. If your have any questions regarding divorce or child support, contact the experienced attorney’s at HAWM Law.