Two gang / narcotics police officersHeroin addiction has reached epidemic proportions in Orlando. Transcending demographics, heroin has devastating consequences for both the health of the user and their legal standpoint. Possessing even a small amount can lead to jail time.

With clinics in Florida illegally prescribing pain medication the state has earned the reputation as “the Nation’s medicine cabinet”.

The crackdown on Pill Mills has resulted in an 89 percent increase in heroin related deaths, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

According to State Laws

State Laws Regarding Heroin can differ from one state to the next. The chart below provides a basic synopsis of Florida heroin laws (which also pertain to morphine and other opiates).

Code Section

775.082, et seq.; 893.01, et seq.


3rd degree felony; Possession of 4 g. is trafficking (1st degree felony)


2nd degree felony; Sales of over 10 g.: 1st degree felony (penalties more severe near school)


All sentencing to be done pursuant to sentencing guidelines:

4-14 g.: $50,000 and 3 yrs.; 1

4-28 g.: $100,000 and 15 yrs.;

28 g.-30 kg.: 25 yrs. and $500,000;

Over 30 kg.: 1st degree felony, life imprisonment

Certain illicit drugs, like heroin, are restricted at both the federal and state level. From the manufacturing and cultivation to the trafficking and distribution, as well as the possession of heroin. While conviction on drug charges can often carry stiff sentences, including prison time, some prosecutors will offer plea bargains to lower-level offenders in exchange for help with a larger case. Additionally, some jurisdictions have specialized “drug courts,” which can help drug crime defendants avoid jail in lieu of treatment and other options.

The laws conceding possession, selling and trafficking heroin are especially harsh in Florida. Just a small amount of any drug can lead to considerable prison time. If you have been charged with possession, selling or trafficking of drugs,  understand you still have rights. The attorneys at HAMW Law have the expertise and knowledge to help.