It is not always easy to understand and complete all the paperwork for a visa, green card, immigration petition, or the process of defending against deportation. If the paperwork is incomplete or not filled out correctly, the processes can be delayed or even denied.

At HAWM law, we provide legal advice, and will evaluate your immigration goals. We are with you from start to finish. We help navigate you through the complicated immigration process. Each matter and/or petition is thoroughly analyzed and clients are given thoughtfully planned, straightforward advice on their best immigration strategy. HAWM Law is proud to represent individuals, families, small and medium sized business entities, seeking these rights for their loved ones or employees.

shutterstock_296329430“There is an appropriate role for attorneys to play in the visa process; the involvement of an attorney in a visa case does not signify anything amiss. The majority of attorneys are aware of and adhere to the rules of the game. In the sometimes complex world of visas, a good attorney can prepare a case properly, weed out “bad” cases, and alert applicants to the risks of falsifying information presented to the consular officer. The attorney can help the consular office by organizing a case in a logical manner; by clarifying issues or concerns; by avoiding duplication of effort (reducing interview time); and by providing the applicant with the necessary understanding of the intricacies of the visa process thereby easing the pressure on consular sections to provide information to the applicant.” (Department of State, 1990).

The immigration process is complex and goes well beyond just filling out the proper forms. Immigration laws and rules are constantly changing and the adjudication process has become stricter, making it more frustrating for those who are trying to gain access to lawful status in the United States.

Immigration issues affect us all, HAWM Law is ready and able to assist you in any way that you may need. You can talk about your options with our attorney under the current law and how any significant changes in the law may have a direct impact on you and your family.

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