While immigration reform seems to be on the back burner on Capital Hill, at HAWM Law we understand the stakes are high and the outcome can be life changing for you and your loved ones. There are a myriad of serious consequences if the process is mishandled, whether it is a delay in the visa application processing, rejection or denial of an application, or even removal from the United States.

shutterstock_298081970The immigration process is complex and goes well beyond just filling out the proper forms. Immigration laws and rules are constantly changing and the adjudication process has become stricter, making it more frustrating for those who are trying to gain access to lawful status in the United States.

“When it comes to illegal immigration, what’s the number one (1) reason people come to this country illegally? The same reason our ancestors came here: to work,” Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., said at a bipartisan event exploring pragmatic methods of reigniting the debate on reform.

“If you don’t have a restaurant worker working in the kitchen … you’re not going to have good jobs, waiter jobs, management jobs in restaurants for Americans,” says Alfonso Aguilar, director of the Latino Partnership program at the conservative American Principles in Action group and the former chief of the U.S. Office of Citizenship under President George W. Bush. “So we need to connect with the middle class and show that immigration is good for the middle class.”

“Just like in business, I don’t want the smart people working in my competitor’s business, I want them working in mine,” Sen. Ron Johnson, R. Wis. said. “The same thing should be true for a national economy: If we use
American resources to educate the brightest people from around the world … we should provide every incentive for the brightest minds to be working here to grow our economy.”

Immigration issues affects us all, HAWM Law is ready and able to assist you in any way that you may need. You can talk about your options with our attorney under the current law and how any significant changes in the law may have a direct impact on you and your family.