How long does the immigration court take to finalize a case in Orlando? If you or a loved one is waiting on an unresolved court process, you are not alone! Currently in Florida there are over 41,000 immigration court cases pending.

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC), is a research organization that watches the activities of Federal Agencies. TRAC recently reported there are 41,191 pending immigration cases in Florida, with a large majority of these cases in Central Florida, Orange County.

“Not everyone goes through immigration court. An awful lot of people don’t have the right to have a hearing before court, but this is an important piece,” said Susan Long, co-director of TRAC.

Waiting for an Immigration Court Process can be Long and Frustrating

It can be difficult to wait a lengthy time before there is a resolution to your pending case in immigration court. Some individuals have found other avenues that are available to obtain lawful immigration status.

“Any one data set only gives you a partial picture because the immigration system is extraordinarily complicated, and there are all these moving parts,” Susan Long adds.

How Can You Speed up Your Immigration Application Process?

There are many ways to obtain a lawful immigration status. Consulting with an experienced immigration attorney is an opportunity to review different types of visas and legal strategies that may speed up the process. Depending on your particular circumstances, these strategies may involve filing different motions and lawsuits to encourage diligent action on the part of the government.

Those Central Florida residents seeking employment based green cards may also be facing delays.

As of October 1, 2017, immigrants and their dependents wanting to obtain green cards and work in the United States will now have to complete an in person interview at an USCIS field office. The agency has announced extended processing times as they schedule an additional 200,000 interviews. The attorney’s at HAWM Law can help explain how to prepare for the interview and the requirements.