Unwed fathers in the Orlando area face many challenges when trying to assert their rights as dads. Though many have navigated the legal issues concerning their children themselves, without competent legal counsel the outcome may have been less than what they had desired. A free consultation from the experienced Family Law attorneys at HAMW Law can give many fathers the assistance and the advantage they need to tackle these very sensitive issues.

shutterstock_159391838Our goal is to ensure you understand Florida’s child support laws and what they mean for you as a parent. Florida law requires that both parents contribute to the overall expenses of their children.

When it comes to how much child support you should be paying, there are state specific guidelines. These guidelines take into consideration the income of both parents and expenses of the child actually being paid by each parent such as healthcare and childcare. If the parties already have a parenting plan in place that awards at least 20% of timesharing to one of the parents, the amount of child support to be paid will be affected. Many parents are unaware of their rights and can end up with child support payments that are not properly calculated and outside what they can afford.

Think you are you paying too much child support? Parents should know their rights and know it is possible to obtain a lower amount of child support, if determined by the guidelines. The child support guideline maybe incorrect if the parents provide inaccurate documentation regarding their assets and income. An attorney can help you gather the right documents to determine each parties’ income and the correct child support amount.

Extenuating circumstances must be proven to justify deviating from the guidelines. Child support orders can be changed permanently or temporarily. If the earning ability of the payor/obligor parent changes due to life changes such as a medical condition, disability or loses a job; child support could be lowered temporarily or permanently depending on the circumstances. Child support can also be suspended temporarily if the payor/obligor can demonstrate that he/she does not have the present ability to pay support due to circumstances beyond their control.

Knowing your child support rights is as easy as contacting HAWM Law for a free consultation. Having an experienced attorney on your side can make all the difference.