Because the US has no citizenship requirement for real estate sales, non-US citizens can buy property in the US.

If you are lawfully present in the United States, you must contact your local Social Security office to prove your identity.

To apply for naturalization to become a U.S. citizen, you must complete these 7 steps. Our attorneys are here to help.

Our immigration lawyers provide legal advice and evaluates your immigration goals to determine the best immigration strategy.

Let’s Talk Live With Attorney Sasha Watson-Sankey. Topic: When Suing The Government Is Necessary – Immigrant Stories With Eldon Lewis

Attorney Sasha Watson Sankey leads a discussion about filing for non-spouse family members, options and common pitfalls.

If you need help with an immigration matter, it can be overwhelming, and be hard to even know where to start looking for help or what options are available. Our attorneys at HAWM Law are ready, experienced and committed to helping immigrants at any stage of the US immigration process.

Attorney Sasha Watson Sankey is joined by Melissa Bryan & Alexus Osceola James to discuss the latest updates in immigration legislation.

Sasha Watson Sankey, Esq. of HAWM Law is joined by Courtney Williams and Monique Clarke to discuss Conveyancing and Real Estate Law in Jamaica

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