Do You Have a Healthy Attorney-Client Relationship?

Do You Have a Healthy Attorney-Client Relationship?

Here at HAWM Law we are committed to helping our clients live better lives by ensuring that they have access to legal counsel when it matters. We believe that providing quality legal help is part of a bigger picture of what it means to live a free and prosperous life here in the United States. We see a lawyer as someone who helps you fight to live the life you are entitled to, and to protect the dreams you have worked so hard to make a reality. For this reason, we view the relationship between attorney and client as a more holistic one. Many law firms see their role as finite, but we view each consult as the beginning of a relationship, and an expansion of the community of shared values we are working to build.

If you are in the process of seeking legal representation for any reason, it is critical that you feel comfortable with your legal counsel. The attorney-client relationship works both ways. The attorney has to be a good fit for the clients just like the client has to be a good fit for the attorney. It is important that you feel free to honestly assess your needs and choose legal counsel that you feel good about. We have provided some guidance questions below that you can feel free to use whenever you are considering retaining a lawyer. If you would like personalized feedback on your legal issue from an experienced Florida attorney, please feel free to schedule a free initial consultation with the lawyers at HAWM Law.

Do You and Your Lawyer Share the Same End Goal?

This one can be hard to feel out, so communication is critical. If your goal is to avoid court and your lawyer’s goal is to get the largest possible damages award, you may find yourselves at odds throughout the process, or you may even find your lawyer making decisions that serve their own desired outcome rather than your own. Making sure that you and your lawyer are on the same page can help to ensure a collaborative attorney-client relationship.

Do You Trust Your Lawyer?

Sometimes it is a gut feeling, and other times there are concrete words and actions appearing as red flags. However, if you are feeling like you cannot fully trust your lawyer to represent your interests, they are not the right lawyer for you. While it can feel like you have to take the first legal help that you can find, it will often serve you much better to find legal counsel that you truly feel comfortable allowing to represent you. If you will still be worrying about every aspect of your legal representation, your lawyer may not be benefiting you very much.

Do They have the Right Specialty or Experience?

Not all lawyers are created equal and not just any lawyer will be the right one to solve your specific problem. Making sure that the lawyer you are hiring has a good skill set for your specific legal needs is important to ensuring that the relationship will be as smooth and efficient as possible. If a lawyer does not have specialized knowledge of a subject or experience litigating it, they can bill the client for time spent learning it. This creates extra costs for the client and deprives them of a lawyer who already has the experience that would best serve them.

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