Driving Without Insurance In Florida; What Are The Penalties?

Driving Without Insurance In FloridaIn Florida, driving without insurance is considered a serious offense. The Sunshine State is one of a handful of states that has a law mandating a minimum level of auto insurance coverage. In Florida, that requirement is $10,000 for property damage liability (PDL) and $10,000 for personal injury protection (PIP).

The purpose of the PDL coverage is to protect others from the financial consequences of an accident you cause. The PIP coverage is intended to provide you with some basic medical care if you are injured in an accident, regardless of who is at fault.

Many drivers choose to purchase more insurance than the minimum levels required by law. However, those who stick to the minimums are not breaking any laws at all, even in the event of an accident.

Driving Without Insurance in Florida: What are the Penalties?

If you are caught driving without insurance, you could face a number of penalties, including:

  • Driver’s License Suspension Pending Insurance Proof: If you are caught driving without proof of insurance in the state of Florida, your driver’s license will be suspended until you can provide proof of insurance to the state. This means that you will not be able to drive until you can provide documentation that you are insured. If you are caught driving without insurance again, your license may be revoked.
  • $150 Renewal Charge: If you are caught without auto insurance in the state of Florida, you will be charged a $150 renewal fee. This fee is in addition to any fines or penalties that may be assessed for driving without insurance. If you can show that you had valid insurance before your license or registration was suspended, you won’t have to pay to get it reinstated.
  • License Plate Suspension: If you are caught without auto insurance in Florida, your license plates will be suspended. This means that you will not be able to drive your car until you provide proof of insurance to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). You can avoid this suspension by buying auto insurance before you are caught without it, or by proving to the DHSMV that you have been covered by a car insurance policy at some point in the past.

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Is it Possible to Dispute a Driving Without Insurance Penalty in Florida?

In Florida, it is possible to dispute a “Driving Without Insurance Penalty.” As we mentioned above, if you were not carrying your insurance policy at the time you were ticketed, you may be able to have the penalty dismissed. You may also be able to get the penalty reduced if you can prove that you were not driving the vehicle when it was ticketed.

Speak to a Florida Traffic Tickets Attorney

It’s important to speak with a traffic ticket lawyer if you’ve been cited for a violation. Many people try to represent themselves, but this can often lead to negative consequences. A lawyer will be able to help you understand the charges against you and may be able to get the charge reduced or even dismissed.

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