Seeking Expungement Of Your Criminal Record? Here Is What You Need to Know

Expungement Of Your Criminal RecordHave you been convicted of a criminal offense? Criminal convictions can be life-changing for many people as they can impact everything from finding housing to securing a job. After a conviction, you may be lost as to what your next steps are. One potential step if you are facing these circumstances is to seek expungement of your criminal history record. HAWM Law attorneys are dedicated to ensuring fairness and justice. We will work with you to make your life better than when you initially contacted our office for legal services.

What is Expungement?

Expunging a criminal record means that a criminal offense is removed completely from your official, permanent record. The impact of an expungement means that the offense is no longer accessible to the general public. Also, any of the court records relating to your prior criminal conviction will be sealed – further preventing access to the documents. Once your criminal record is sealed, the only way to access the expunged documents is to request a court order.

Am I Eligible to Have My Criminal Record Expunged?

Expungements are available in adult and juvenile cases, but not all cases are eligible. The following situations make you eligible for expungements services:

  • Cases that have been sealed for at least 10 years;
  • A charge that was dismissed before trial; and
  • Adjudications of guilt in traffic violations.

A sealed case is a charge that resulted in an acquittal after trial.

However, some cases require additional elements to be expunged. One such special circumstance is a human trafficking expunction, which is for victims of human trafficking who have a criminal record as a result of the human trafficking scheme they were a victim of. Another special case arises where a juvenile has completed an authorized pre-arrest or post-arrest diversion program for a non-violent misdemeanor. The juvenile’s offense cannot have involved domestic violence, otherwise, they are not eligible for expungement.

If you are facing criminal charges in central Florida, do not waste any time. Contact HAWM Law and find out how our lawyers can help protect your freedom.

How Do I Get My Criminal Record Expunged?

An individual seeking an expungement in Florida has to apply for a certificate of eligibility for expunction. If that is granted, then the individual will petition the court to expunge the criminal history record. The petition includes such information as:

  • A valid certificate of eligibility issued by the department;
  • The individual’s basic information, such as first and last name, date of birth, race, sex, and mailing address;
  • The arresting agency, date of arrest, and charge(s) at issue; and
  • The individual’s sworn statement that they satisfy the eligibility requirements for expungement or are eligible for expunction to the best of their knowledge and do not have any other expungement matter pending before the court.

Upon a court granting a petition for expungement, any criminal history record will be physically destroyed by all criminal legal agencies who have custody of those records.

HAWM Law Firm Can Help with Expungement

The sooner you retain legal counsel for your expungement, the better. Our criminal defense lawyers are zealous advocates for you and your case to ensure that you are represented fully and fairly. Do not hesitate to waste any time and reach out online at HAWM Law or call us at 407-802-3223 today to schedule a free consultation.

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