Five Important Steps To Take After A Car Accident

Five Important Steps To Take After A Car AccidentEven if you are a cautious driver, you may be involved in an accident with another driver at some point. Being in a car accident can be a stressful experience, and if you have never been in a car accident before, you may not know exactly what steps to take afterward. The following are some important steps you should take if you are ever involved in a car accident.

1. Check yourself and any passengers for injuries
Immediately after an accident, you should check yourself and others for any injuries. If anyone is injured, even slightly, call 911 and ask for an ambulance and the police. Provide as much information as possible about your specific location and the injuries suspected, especially if they appear to be life-threatening.

2. Move your vehicle out of traffic
If your accident is minor and there does not appear to be any major structural damage to the vehicle, safely move the vehicle out of traffic, preferably to a well-lit area. This will help minimize the risk of other vehicles crashing into your vehicle sitting in traffic.

3. Document the accident
With car accidents, the more information you are able to document, the better off you will be. This is especially true if you decide to file a personal injury suit against the other driver. Some ways of documenting the accident include:

● Take pictures: If possible, take pictures of both your vehicle and the other vehicle involved in the accident. It may also be helpful to get pictures of the surrounding landscape, such as traffic lights, street corner signs, and intersections.

● Write down what you can remember: If you can, try to write down as many details as you can about what you remember happening that led to the accident. It can be hard to recall many of these details later on, and if you plan to file a personal injury suit, the details of the accident will be paramount to proving your case. Because you may be frazzled, having the details written down may also help you relay the information to the ambulance or authorities once they arrive at the scene.

● Write down any information you can get from nearby witnesses: Sometimes an accident can happen so quickly that you do not even really know what caused it. This is when it might be helpful to speak to nearby witnesses who may have been watching the entire incident and can fill you in on the details. Make sure that you either write down this information or that you ask the witness to remain at the scene until the authorities arrive.

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4. Exchange insurance information
After an accident, one of the most important things to do is exchange insurance information with the other driver. According to the Insurance Information Institute, you should attempt to get the following information from the other driver:

● Full name and contact information;
● Name of insurance company and policy number;
● License number; and
● Make, model, and color of the vehicle.

5. File a police report
You should ensure that you file a police report regarding the accident. If the authorities do not arrive for whatever reason, make sure that you go to a local police station to file a report. This will be helpful if you ever decide to file a personal injury suit against the other driver.

Were You Recently Injured in a Car Accident in Florida?
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