How Do I Get Custody Of My Children?

How Do I Get Custody of My Children?Child custody is a topic that can trigger a great deal of stress in parents. Many parents think of custody orders as laws that will limit their access to their children, and it can be incredibly scary and frustrating to think that this process could limit or remove your ability to see a child that you helped create or parent. However, at its heart, child custody laws do not exist to limit the access of either parent. These laws exist to ensure that the child’s best interests will be met. In most cases, it is in a child’s best interest to have active, supportive, and stable relationships with both of their parents.

However, in some cases, a parent having access to a child may be detrimental to the child’s well-being, such as if the parent is abusing illegal substances or has a history of domestic violence. Every case is different, but at the end of the day, what matters is what parental custody arrangement would be in the best interest of the child. In this article, we will look at how to pursue custody of your children. It is important to remember that every case is different. If you would like personalized advice about your individual case, the best thing that you can do is talk directly to a Florida child custody attorney. Feel free to reach out to the experienced child custody attorneys at HAWM Law to schedule a consultation.

Getting Custody in Florida

You do not have to have been married to file for custody of a child in Florida. Custody can be determined between you and your co-parent independently, with the help of a mediator, or in court. If you and your co-parent are able to come to an agreement about custody then all the court needs to do is review your agreed-upon terms to ensure that they are actually in the child’s best interest. If the judge determines that they are, then the order will be granted. Because of the minimal court involvement required for this method, it is the cheapest, easiest, and most cost effective generally. However, that also depends on how willing and able both you and your co-parent are to work collaboratively. In cases where this may be challenging, mediation is a good option for negotiating custody terms that are amenable to both parties. The final option is to simply go to court and duke it out in front of a judge. This method requires each parent to put forth a proposed plan and argue in favor of it, leaving the judge to determine what is best for the child. This plan provides parents with the least amount of control over the outcome and often requires the most time in the courtroom. For this reason, it’s always advisable to try other methods first, or to consult with an attorney who can help you develop a solid legal strategy for your case.

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