Making The Best Impression In Court

Making the Best Impression in Court Going to court can be a daunting experience, but it is also your opportunity to represent yourself as well as you possibly can. First impressions matter, and that is particularly true when it comes to court. By presenting the best, most respectful version of yourself in court you give yourself a better chance at convincing the judge and/or jury that you are an upstanding and law-abiding citizen. This can be impactful when it comes to the outcome or possible sentencing. In short, it never hurts to put your best foot forward. Below, we will tell you how to do just that.

Tips for Making a Great Impression in Court

While it might feel like the writing is already on the wall when you are arrested, nothing is written in stone. In fact, so much can change between the time you are charged and tried, and your actions can have a far greater impact on the outcome than you may think.

  • Consult with an attorney. Talking to an attorney is one of the best ways to ensure that you really understand the ins and outs of your own case and what it will take to succeed in court. This information will allow you to be a better advocate for yourself and to be an engaged participant in your own legal proceedings. This type of engagement and presence is apparent in court, and it is empowering to know that you are doing everything you can to give yourself the best representation possible. Many attorneys offer free and low-cost consultations, so there is no harm in reaching out and scheduling a call.
  • Make positive changes. It is hard to move forward in life when you feel like you are waiting for the other shoe to drop, but doing so can demonstrate the kind of commitment to self-improvement that judges and juries are looking for. Attending an AA meeting, beginning to see a counselor, attending a drug treatment program, or making steps in the direction of whatever life changes are necessary for you will allow you to make a very positive impression in court.

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  • Dress your best. Dress like you are interviewing for a position at a law firm. It is important to look conservative, professional, and relatable to the judge and jury. Dressing professionally allows you to be seen as a law abiding citizen.
  • Be prepared and on time. It can be hard to keep court dates straight but make that an absolute priority. Make sure that you know exactly where and when you are expected to be and allow extra time to find it and get through security. Make it clear that being here is a priority for you. There are also many deadlines for paperwork at the beginning of legal proceedings which can easily overwhelm someone who is not experienced in law. Working with an experienced attorney ensures that you will meet all filing deadlines on time.

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