Modifying A Florida Custody Agreement

Modifying A Florida Custody Agreement

It is unrealistic to think that a custody agreement made at any one point will remain accurate and up-to-date forever. It is expected that as your lives evolve, your parenting agreement may have to as well to remain in the best interest of the child or children. For that reason, there is a mechanism for modifying existing custody and parenting agreements.

Temporary Changes

With the current challenges that millions of Americans are facing with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is possible that you and your ex-spouse will have to temporarily modify an existing custody or visitation agreement in order to operate in the best interest of your child. For instance, if one parent becomes sick or is a front-line worker, or loses their regular job and begins working the night shift, it may be necessary for parents to temporarily adjust the schedule to make sure the child is safe and cared for. It is important to note that temporary changes of this nature do not need to be approved by a judge, as you are not seeking to permanently modify the agreement. However, it is necessary that both parents clearly agree to the temporary change. It is best to clearly articulate the temporary changes in writing and have both parties sign off on them. This is because if your ex-spouse later tries to claim that you breached the existing agreement unilaterally, you may be held in contempt.

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Permanent Changes

If you are seeking to make a permanent change to your custody or visitation agreement, there are a number of avenues to pursue that. The easiest and most effective route to modifying your agreement is if both you and your ex agree on the modification. If you both agree on the change you want made and can have a lawyer draft new terms that you both agree on, the court will likely approve them. Additionally, if there has been a substantial change in circumstances that affects the child’s well-being, this can also be a grounds for modification, even without the agreement of your spouse. For instance, a long-term illness, serious financial trouble, or the development of an addiction, can all be grounds to modify the existing agreement. Finally, if you have received a protective order against your spouse, this can also be a grounds for modification.

Contact a Florida Family Law Lawyer

If you are in need of assistance to modify an existing custody or visitation agreement, the experienced Florida Family Law Attorneys at HAWM Law are here to help. At HAWM Law, it is our mission to ensure that everyone can have access to quality legal representation when it matters. You are already doing the work to protect the health and safety of your child, even in uncertain and ever changing conditions. Let us do our job and support you. Schedule a consultation today. We will review the facts and circumstances of your specific case, and determine the best course of action to ensure that you and your children are protected and supported.

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