Communicate is a secure messaging portal. Communicate makes it easy for you to stay up to date with your case and allows us to provide you updates in a more efficient manner. By downloading the Communicate app, you will have access to any securely shared messages related to your case.

Initial setup will take a few minutes but after that, you’ll be able to send secure messages in seconds.

Let’s Get Started!


Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Search for “Communicate by Smokeball.”

Download the app for free


Open the app then click Sign In

Enter your email address then click Sign In To Communicate


You will receive an email with a secure link that will sign you into Communicate

Check your email and click the link that says View Conversations to complete the signup process

That’s It!

Our Intake Specialist will validate your account then you’ll be ready to communicate with us.

Desktop Access

You can also access Communicate from your computer by visiting:

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