Protective Status Now Available for Venezuelans in Central Florida

Protective Status Now Available for Venezuelans in Central Florida

The United States has become the second nation worldwide to offer Temporary Protective Status (TPS) for Venezeulans. This is incredible news for the over 300,000 Venezeulans who fled an oppressive and unsafe situation in their home country and are now living in the United States. Central Florida is said to have the highest concentration of Venezeulans in the nation, so this new policy is likely to bring positive change for many Florida residents.

What is TPS?

Temporary Protective Status is designated by the Department of Homeland Defense in situations in which a person is no longer able to return safely to their home country, or where their home country is experiencing a crisis and is unable to accommodate them. If an individual is granted TPS, they are authorized to live and work in the United States and are given a social security number.

Qualifying for TPS

In order to qualify for TPS there are some basic qualifications that must be met. First, the individual applying must be unable to return to their home country, lack a home country, or be a citizen of a country designated for TPS (such as Venezuela). Further, the individual must have been residing and continually present in the United States since the designation date for their country. There may be some exceptions made to the continuous presence criteria, if absences were only due to brief or casual trips.

The criteria that disqualifies the most applicants is that an individual must not have two or more misdemeanor convictions in the United States. Additionally, if an individual would not qualify as an immigrant due to criminal or security grounds, then they will also not qualify for TPS. Likewise, if an individual would not qualify for asylum, for instance, due to participating in a terrorist activity, they will not qualify for TPS.

If you need help with an immigration matter, it can be overwhelming, and be hard to even know where to start looking for help or what options are available. Our attorneys at HAWM Law are ready, experienced and committed to helping immigrants at any stage of the US immigration process. You do not have to struggle through this process alone.

Filing for TPS

It is absolutely critical that an individual file for TPS within the necessary time frame or they will be disqualified from the status. Currently, in order to qualify, TPS applications must have been received before September 5, 2021. This may seem like a while from now, but it can take time to get a TPS application in order. It’s important to contact an experienced immigration attorney and get started on the process as soon as possible.

Thousands of people apply for TPS each year, and the application process is competitive. Those processing applications do not have time to get to the bottom of errors and inconsistencies, and will generally just move onto the next application that does not have errors to handle. For this reason, it is important to submit your strongest possible application. An immigration attorney can help ensure that you put forth the strongest version of your claim to TPS and help you seamlessly navigate what can otherwise be a pretty arduous process.

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