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Are facing criminal charges? It is vital to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can guide you through the legal process

The Three Strike Law imposes a mandatory minimum sentence for defendants who have been convicted of three separate felony offenses.

The sooner you retain legal counsel for your expungement, the better. Our lawyers are zealous advocates for you and your case

Approximately 15% of the adult population in Florida have a concealed carry permit, which amounts to around 2.5 million people.

If you are caught driving while tired or sleepy in Florida, several charges may potentially be brought against you.

The severity of the sentence for drug trafficking depends on two key factors – the type and quantity of illegal substance.

Florida’s laws on the possession of firearms and carrying concealed firearms can be complex and confusing. Seek the advice of an attorney.

Domestic violence affects many individuals and families. Unfortunately, many people who are accused of domestic violence are falsely accused.

Some motorcyclists say that lane splitting is dangerous and irresponsible, others say it is a fun way to experience riding on a big road.

Stop in a safe place as soon as possible. Turn off the car, turn on the interior light, open the window a little and place your hands on the steering wheel.

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