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If you have been hit by an uninsured driver, you are not alone. Data reflects that Florida has more uninsured drivers than any other state.

Under Florida law, reckless driving is driving in a manner that exhibits reckless disregard for the well-being of other individuals, drivers, or property.

When it comes to bringing a claim for a T-bone accident, the one positive is that negligence is generally immediately apparent.

A motorcycle accident can cause costly and catastrophic injuries, and often a lawsuit is the only way that victims are able to recover damages

Wrong-way accidents are among the most jarring and catastrophic accidents in which one can be involved. As the name suggests, these accidents occur when one car is traveling the wrong way on a road or highway and collides with another driver who was traveling in the correct direction.

Personal injury lawsuits exist to help repair you financially after you have been injured by another party’s negligence. While you do not need a lawyer to bring a personal injury lawsuit, it can be a complex process to file and defend your own claim.

The first thing that is important to understand is that there is no guarantee of a settlement. You and your attorney can initiate the process by bringing a personal injury lawsuit. The other party can then propose a settlement offer or simply go to court.

Dashcam footage of an accident can be helpful or incriminating, depending on whether you were at fault in the accident.

If you decide to talk to an insurance claims adjuster without representation, it is important to go into the interaction with your eyes wide open. Keep all these pointers in mind and make sure you show up ready to be the best possible advocate for yourself.

Even if you are a cautious driver, you may be involved in an accident with another driver at some point. The following are some important steps you should take if you are ever involved in a car accident.

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