What Florida Motorcyclists Should Know About Lane Splitting

What Florida Motorcyclists Should Know About Lane SplittingLane splitting is the practice of riding between lanes of traffic instead of traveling in a single lane. This is typically done on roads with two or more lanes in each direction. Some motorcyclists lane-split to be able to travel at a faster speed and evade obstacles. While some motorcyclists say that lane splitting is dangerous and irresponsible, others say it is a fun way to experience riding on a big road or avoid traffic jams.

What Does Florida Law Say About Lane Splitting?

Lane splitting is illegal in Florida without a specific exemption. This law is meant to protect other drivers from being endangered by someone who is driving or riding recklessly. Lane splitting is illegal in Florida because it can cause accidents. As we mentioned earlier, when a rider lane splits, they are essentially riding between two lanes of traffic. By doing so, they are putting themselves and other road users at risk for injury or worse. Motorists are often not expecting motorcycles to appear suddenly in between lanes. There have been many cases where drivers and riders have collided with one another when engaged in this practice.

Lane splitting can be dangerous and disruptive. If you are caught lane splitting, you may be ticketed and/or fined. You may also be subject to a license suspension or other harsher penalties if it results in an accident.

What to Do if Lane Splitting Causes an Accident

If you were in an accident because you were lane splitting, there are a few things you need to do. The first thing you should do is call the police. If you are injured, assess your injuries and look around for any other victims. If there are any, try to help them as best as you can. While on the call with the 911 operator, let them know your state and the state of others who might have been involved in the accident. If a medical dispatch is needed, mention this while you are on the call.

Once the police arrive, invoke your right to remain silent. You may be asked what happened, who was at fault, and where the accident occurred, but it is best not to make any comments. If someone was driving poorly, was driving while distracted, or was lane splitting, it is often their responsibility to pay for the damages they caused. Florida is a no-fault insurance state, and you do not want to admit fault inadvertently by admitting to lane-splitting. You may be able to avoid legal action by contacting an attorney right away.

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