When Can I Appeal A Criminal Conviction In Florida?

When Can I Appeal A Criminal Conviction In Florida?After being convicted of a crime in Florida, you may wonder if there is any recourse available to challenge the decision. Understanding the circumstances under which you can appeal a criminal conviction is crucial. HAWM Law in Orlando, Florida, specializes in criminal defense and can guide you through the complex process. It is our mission to provide quality legal representation when it matters most — when you are facing criminal charges.

Grounds for Appeal
To appeal a criminal conviction in Florida, you must have valid grounds for doing so. Common grounds for appeal include errors made during the trial, such as legal mistakes by the judge or misconduct by the prosecutor. Other grounds may involve the introduction of improper evidence, ineffective assistance of counsel, or the discovery of new evidence that could impact the outcome of the case. At HAWM Law, we can review your case to determine if there are legitimate grounds for appeal based on the specific circumstances of your conviction.

Filing the Notice of Appeal
In Florida, the first step in the appellate process is filing a Notice of Appeal. This document notifies the court that you intend to appeal your conviction. It is crucial to file the Notice of Appeal within the designated time frame, typically within a specified number of days after the sentencing or entry of the final judgment. Failure to meet the filing deadline may result in the forfeiture of your right to appeal. HAWM Law can ensure that all necessary paperwork is filed accurately and within the required timeframe.

Appellate Briefs and Arguments
Once the Notice of Appeal is filed, your attorney will prepare appellate briefs. These written documents present legal arguments supporting your appeal. The appellant’s brief outlines the reasons why the conviction should be overturned, while the appellee’s brief presents arguments supporting the original conviction. Appellate courts may also schedule oral arguments, during which your attorney can present their case in person. HAWM Law has the experience and expertise to draft persuasive briefs and deliver compelling oral arguments on your behalf.

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Review by the Appellate Court
The appellate court reviews the arguments presented in the briefs and considers the record of the trial. It examines whether any errors occurred during the trial process that may have impacted the outcome. The court may also evaluate the sufficiency of the evidence presented during the trial and determine if there were any constitutional violations. The appellate court has the authority to affirm the conviction, reverse it, or remand the case for a new trial. HAWM Law has experience in criminal appeals and will navigate the intricacies of the appellate process, presenting a strong case to the court on your behalf.

HAWM Law’s Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyers Will Be There When You Need Us
Appealing a criminal conviction in Florida requires careful consideration of the grounds for appeal, strict adherence to procedural requirements, and persuasive arguments presented to the appellate court. With HAWM Law in Orlando, Florida, by your side, you can navigate the complex appellate process and seek justice. Trust our experienced criminal defense attorneys to fight vigorously for your rights and explore all available avenues to challenge your conviction.

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